Discordia Concors

‘Their thoughts are often new, but seldom natural; they are not obvious, but neither are they just; and the reader, far from wondering that he missed them, wonders more frequently by what perverseness of industry they were ever found.

But Wit, abstracted from its effects upon the hearer, may be more rigorously and philosophically considered as a kind of discordia concors; a combination of dissimilar images, or discovery of occult resemblances in things apparently unlike. Of wit thus defined, they have more than enough. The most heterogeneous ideas are yoked by violence together; nature and art are ransacked for illustrations, comparisons, and allusions; their learning instructs, and their subtlety surprises; but the reader commonly thinks his improvement dearly bought, and, though he sometimes admires, is seldom pleased. . . .’

Samuel Johnson, on metaphysical poetry, from The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets.

‘Hedge funds are like honey bees, forever searching for new market inefficiencies from which they might draw profit.’

Sam Kirschner, Eldon C. Mayer, Lee Kessler, The Investor’s Guide to Hedge Funds.