Simply and Plainly

‘I might say much on the commodities that death can sell a man, but briefly, death is a friend of ours, and he who is not ready to entertain him, is not at home.’

Francis Bacon, An Essay on Death.

‘The whole life here at the front is permeated with a sublime solemnity. Death is a daily companion who hallows everything. One no longer receives him with pomp or¬†lamentation. One treats his majesty simply and plainly. He is like many people whom one loves even though one respects and fears them.’

Rudolf Fischer, philosophy student, killed in action in 1914, from German Students’ War Letters, collected by Phillipp Witkop.


One thought on “Simply and Plainly

  1. Great compendium of unfamiliar and uplifting wisdom on this site.

    Incidentally, any chance of more from the Chief Justice geezer who was quoted last time?


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