Some Strange Region of the Universe

Thus, when –out of my delight in the beauty of the house of God– the loveliness of the many-colored gems has called me away from external cares, and worthy meditation has induced me to reflect, transferring that which is material to that which is immaterial, on the diversity of the sacred virtues: then it seems to me that I see myself dwelling, as it were, in some strange region of the universe which neither exists entirely in the slime of the earth nor entirely in the purity of Heaven; and that, by the grace of God, I can be transported from this inferior to that higher world in an anagogical manner.

Abbot Suger’s description of the interior of the Basilica of Saint-Denis, from De Administratione.

It is one of the absurdities of DANTE, who… like Gothic architecture itself, has many things which “lead to nothing” amidst their massive greatness.

Isaac d’Israeli, ‘The Origin of Dante’s Inferno’, Curiosities of Literature.


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